How much can the Radeon 9500 Pro Overclock?


Jan 11, 2002
I just got my Sapphire Radeon 9500 Pro in yesterday and I've had a little time on my hands. Usually this spells trouble :smile: but I flashed the <A HREF="" target="_new">BIOS</A> according to <A HREF="" target="_new">warp11 </A>and overclocked the card using <A HREF="" target="_new">Rage3d Tweak</A> and all went well.

I obtained the following results using 3dMark 2001SE using optimal settings:

Radeon 9500 Pro 277/270: 7471
Radeon 9500 Pro 342/315: 8665
Radeon 9700 Pro stock (I forget the number): 10440

System specs:
Asus P4C800
P4 2.8 Oc'd to 3.36
1GB Kingston Hyper X PC4000

I've been inching it closer and closer to the stock Radeon 9700 Pro's numbers but how far is too far? How much more do you think this Radeon 9500 Pro will overclock?

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but how far is too far?
Ask GW, he could probably tell you. :evil:

Sorry GW, couldn't help it.

342/315? Hah! My Card goes 538/369. :tongue:

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Memory speed will offer the greatest improvements methinks. In fact, if you can run your memory speed at 2x that of the 9700 Pro, you'll get the same performance as the 9700 Pro, hehe.

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Nov 16, 2002
I assume, since you are using the warp11 bios, that you have Hynix 3.6ns memory?If so, you won't get much more than 315MHz out of it.Have a look at the sticky 9500 pro threads on <A HREF="" target="_new">Rage3d</A> and you can see many more examples of 9500 Pro overclocks.
I have my 9500 Pro, which has crappy infineon 3.3ns memory on it, running at 384/317 core/memory with a stock AMD 60mm cpu hs on it.
Another thing- you might want to start running benchmarks with AA/AF switched off, so that you can compare your results with those of others more easily.
...Oh, and you will know when you have gone too far, because you will start getting artifacts (usually black or white specks) in 3dmark.Start using 3DMark03 to stress your card more.

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