Question How much damage can a motherboard short cause?


Jan 26, 2015
I accidentally spilled a few ml's of cooling liquid onto my motherboard during maintenance, it was unpowered. I attempted to dry it as much as possible and repowered the system fairly shortly after the spill. On the power up the Display Port connection keep cutting out quite soon after reaching the desktop, this occurred with both the graphics card DP and the motherboards DP connections. I thought this was very unusual and surely related to the liquid so I decided to remove the motherboard from the case completely.

When the motherboard was out I unscrewed the I/O cover off the board and found traces of wet liquid the dryer did not get into. At this point I thought surely the board had shorted and decided to contact my insurance company. Short story is the insurance company assessors deemed the Motherboard, CPU, RAM, Soundcard and PSU to unusable. The report was very breif but they basically believed all the components had been shorted.

I am unsure if this really could have been so catastrophic and wonder if they are just erring on the side of caution. Does it sound unusual for all of those components to be shorted? The good news is all the components will be replaced and the graphics card is being assessed separately. My concern is the bits in the case that haven't been tested as I plan to install all of the new components into the same case with those bits. The other bits still in the case are a Corsair Commander Pro, Corsair Fan Hub and Lighting Node Pro, 5 LED strips, an EKWB XRES D5 pump/res combo, two SSD's and one HDD. What are the chances of this stuff being damaged? I Just want to know that I can safely power these other components up again without damaging the brand new PSU, Mobo, RAM etc. Is the worst case scenario that one of those components just wouldn't go?
wonder if they are just erring on the side of caution.
That is what I'd think too.

But why are you concerned about their assessment? I'd say take the settlement and go get some new hardware with it since you got it.

JayzTwoCents just did an interesting video on getting components wet with cooling solutions:


I'd agree, if you clean it well and dry it REALLY well it would probably be OK... but you got the settlement. Why chance it?