Question How much damage can a small amount of THC vape smoke cause to a PC?

Jan 3, 2021
I built a new PC last weekend, and I'm definitely being OCD when it comes to taking care of it. My girlfriend recently moved in with two cats, so the whole build was focused on decreasing dust and hair from them (reduced intake, positive pressure, filters, etc.). I'm really happy with the build, and want to keep it and the components working their best as long as possible.

However, a few days ago a friend was over and started smoking a THC vape pen at the PC while it was on. He only blew about 1 or 2 large clouds before I stopped him, and everything mostly dispersed before it got to the intake, but I still worry that this exposure could have already hurt the lifespan of my machine... I've read that vaping can make components sticky and turn them into dust magnets (something I definitely don't want), is this possible even for this super small exposure?