How much damage have I caused?

Dec 22, 2021
I bought the Legion 7 6th gen last November. There have been many times where I'd leave it plugged in for hours at a time with a high performance game running in the background. Fans would be on high with hardly any air intake with temps in the 90s C due to me stupidly leaving the laptop on my bedsheets.

So this leaves me to wonder how much damage I've caused so far. The ocd in me wishes to sell this as I feel like it is now "tainted."


Unless you are noting some specific issue or throttling (for instance) you may not have damaged anything.

It probably did lead to more dust intake, since it was on all the time, and in extreme cases can cause the thermal paste to dry and/or crack. Laptops, in general, are designed to run a bit warmer due to the form and is dealt with by having lower power limits and such.
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