How much difference between i3 530 and my laptop processor


Jan 7, 2010
Hi, i currently have a 2ghz t7300 laptop, which is ok for me but i would like to switch back to a desktop as i find it easier to work on

Just how much faster would the i3 530 be? Im going to OC it to 4ghz if i get one, i dont have many games as i play 360 so gaming isnt really an important factor

Also how would the i3 530's onboard graphics compare to an 8600m gs (256mb)?

Thanks for any help
It will be more than twice as fast overall I believe. If you overclock it to 4GHz, even more. The graphics chip inside the i3 CPU is not even in the same league as the 8600m gs. It's not even as good as a radeon 3200 integrated. But since you are not gaming and have not mentioned anything else you might do that is graphics heavy, it doesn't matter. It will be good enough to play HD movies, maybe play the occasional call of duty 2 at minimum settings.