Question How much difference will "turbo boosting" have on performance?

Nov 11, 2020
I came across guides on YouTube of increasing a CPU's clock speed through the process of "turbo boosting"

For my particular system, I found guides to "turbo boost unlock" Intel Xeon CPUs (E5-2678 v3) from 2.50GHz to up to 3.00GHz

Is the 0.50 GHz speed gain worth "turbo boosting"? Or are people just obsessed about having that extra speed?

I haven't built the Xeon 'system' yet, but I plan to use it for college. I will be using a lot of Microsoft Applications, particularly Word and Excel. I will be opening multiple tabs of those applications, as well as Google Chrome tabs.

Would my use of those applications benefit from "turbo boosting", coupled with 32 GB of RAM and a cheap 4GB GPU?
A processor with a good turbo boost can be noticeable.

Since you have not built yet, consider a modern i3-10100. about $115.
I built one for my son and it is quick.
The turbo boost is 4.3.
It comes with HD630 integrated graphics which is sufficient for all but fast action gaming.
Any lga1200 motherboard will work $70 buys you one.
A 2 x 8gb ddr4 2666 speed ram kit would be $55.
I doubt you would need 32gb, but a 2 x 16gb kit would be twice that.