How much does this PC cost?


Jul 28, 2009
first of all sorry for putting this here.

im posting the current prices from newegg so you don't have to look


q9550-stock cooler $284.99
saphire 4770 radeon $89.99 saphire card isn't there any longer , so i put the price of the cheapest one which is xfx
antec ea 650w <-psu $79.99
gigabyte ga-g41m-es2l $54.99
4gb patriot viper 800 mhz ddr2 4-4-4-12 2.2v pc2-6400 $84.99
LG dvd burner $25 couldn't find the model so i just put $25
generic case - maybe i'll get another one and sell it . cause the current generic case is awful , no fans at all $25
western digital 320 gb 7200 rpm sata2 $49.99

3 options for OS - windows 7 64 bit enterprise 90 day trial or windows xp home with license or both $50 ? not sure

total current prices = $744.94

all these parts are 5 months old

how much is this worth?

I'm selling it cause I want a core i5 or core i7 setup

thanks for your time.

What do you mean? You just answered your own question. You looked up current new market prices. Now take off a reasonable amount to take into consideration that it is used. Try selling it for $700. You might even be able to get away with $800 considering how a lot of people are.

Why would you sell a trial for windows 7? Well, if you choose to put on windows xp, many people still like it and many others can install their own OS's so I can't see a problem with trying to sell it with windows xp.

Good luck :)


Jul 28, 2009
hey ~~ me again...

howbout this pc?

pentium e6300 dual core 2.8ghz
same ram ^
same harddrive^
4770 ati
580 watt psu (cheap brand)
22" samsung syncmaster 1680x1050

this too is 5 months old.



Nov 27, 2008
One million dollars!


Even with you have to remember the second you open the box and install the value depreciates quite a bit so yea retail brand new all of you components might add up to 550 600 but its used so take off at least 30% for that and the value comes way down.