How much is my desktop worth?


Jan 13, 2010
Hi, I'm looking to sell my desktop computer so I can buy something more portable. A used m11x(r1, probably) would be great.
Cpu: Phenom ii x2 550 Black Edition
Gpu: Power Color hd 5750 1gb ddr5
Ram:5 gb of ddr2 ram
Motherboard: Ecs gf8200a
Hard Drive: 160gb
Heat Sink: Hyper N 520 Push and Pull ( Lots of room for overclocking, the multiplier is unlocked)
Case:Cooler Master Elite 330
Power Supply: Power Up 550w (kinda off brand but it has been very dependable)
I plan to include a 19" Asus Monitor that I bought new about a year ago.
It comes with legitimate windows 7 home premium( I even put the sticker on it) And I plan to include a cd with all the necessary drivers and of course the windows 7 install disk. I will of course first do a clean install.
So if I managed to sell this on ebay, after fees would I get even close to the $550 dollar mark?