How much is my system worth?

Jan 2, 2019
Hi, I'm looking to upgrade my whole system so I'm looking to sell this system below but need a price range to start at.

Intel Core i7 4790k
CoolerMaster Hyper 212 cpu cooler
Gigabyte Z97X Gaming 3 motherboard
16Gb of G.Skill DDR3 2133 Mhz
Asus STRIX GTX 970
240GB HyperX SSD
Thermaltake 650W 80+ certified PSU
Windows 7 OS

Thanks in advance to who ever is able to help me out!


The best way to check out current prices is to look for a similar build on EBay, and if you have the time and inclination also look at the sum of the individual parts as sometimes you can get more for the individual parts than the whole build for an older machine.

Ignore the high priced systems that have no activity as many individual sellers put too high a price and never sell until they lower it to where the market is at the time.



Nov 4, 2012
Realistically? About 400$ as a system.

The z97x boards are susceptible to the Specter and Meltdown viruses and will never be patched, so z97 and earlier boards take a big hit on value (even though they still perform well) so about 50$

On their own the parts are not top tier and won't have held much value.

The 212 is entry level aftermarket air cooling. Probably won't sell on it's own because of the cost to ship and new they're like 20$ or less.

The WD Blue drive is not worth anything on it's own and the outdated SSD maybe 20$ (you'll need to show a "Disk Health" screenshot to show the total reads/writes on the SSD to give idea of life expectancy if any)

The RAM might be worth 50-100$ depending on a few things. What model exactly RipJaws/TridentX? What is the CAS? Is it two 8GB sticks (worth more) or 4 4GB sticks?

The 970 is maybe 150-200$ if it's perfect and you have the box, all accessories, etc. Otherwise try to keep in mind that a 1060 outperforms a 970, has (maybe) more VRAM and will be Brand New with a warranty starting at 250$.

The CPU is being sold Used for around 225$ (not from China) on E-Bay.

The OS is not going to be worth much unless you show it's installed, validated and running otherwise it's a gamble for the buyer.

Finally the PSU is decent but not worth much on it's own (Bronze Cert., non-modular, used)

I know that the parts themselves add up to more than 400$ but take into account that there will likely be shipping and 400-450(plus shipping) is a reasonable price.
Ignore 99% of people on this site as they have no idea on true values. Please type the items on eBay and look at sold listings. That specified motherboard has been selling in the last few days for 100-135 Used.

Cpu goes for 150-200