how much is this rig worth?

Mar 8, 2019
i have a buddy whos trying to sell his rig. I want to help him fund his new build. So im interested in buying his old build.

if there is any insight on how much this is worth, any information is helpful. It is an older build so hes not expecting to get much from it

i7 950
corsair h70 120mm water cooler
asus rampage formula III motherboard
8gb ram
1060 4gb
(x2) asus cd-rw drives
windows 10


Nov 27, 2018
well depending in what country prices can variate
looks like he has some nice cooling but i wouldnt pay above 200 or 220 at most
bc that cpu is very old and it will bottleneck 1060 alot
btw gtx 1060 4gb does NOT exist so it is probably 3gb version
gtx 1060 3gb 130$
8gb ram well dont know the speed and model but i will say arround 25-30$
hdd 200gb is almost worthless and very low capacity
corsair h70 120mm water cooler well roughtly 70$
cpu lets say 10$
Also you didnt write psu model
there is that mothetherboard that was expensive back i the day but it has 1366 socket so i dont se why would you want that bc best cpu you can get on that socket is like 10 years old and with very poor performance .

so summary: if you buy that pc you will not be able to play almost any newer AAA game beacuse of cpu even tho gpu is capable of getting 60fps on high on almost every 1080p game
so what i recommend i trying to get the pc without the cpu and motherboard for 170 or 180 at most and after buying lga 1155 and some i5 2500(k), i5 3570(k) or i5 3470 for 70 both (buy k version is that motherboard is overclockable)
Personally I think 250 is pushing it, and I can better used parts for that much at least here in the US. Even if it can handle older games, it still comes down to what's available in the used market.

So depending on where you live you kinda need to compare the prices of the parts to what's available on eBay, Facebook Marketplace etc.

I still say 200, although maybe 230 or 250 if someone was desperate for a computer and didn't want to search around for parts.


It's a very dated system, the 1060 isnt bad though and they are going used for around 125-150 USD. Maybe 200 total for the whole system.
That CPU is pretty worthless now, especially when it is not upgradable. You could salvage the GPU and sell that for probably $150 but I wouldn't expect much more than that. Sometimes you can get more if you strip the rig and sell the parts individually as opposed to the whole system.