How much life of my cpu is reduced by overclocking?


Jan 5, 2012
k, so i have a i5 2500k running 4.3ghz stable at 1.236 vcore.. max load it goes to 1.25. people say that your cpu is gonna die really fast by overclocking. if so how much should i reduce my overlcock?
You didn't want to ask this question in the Overclocking section of the forums?

How many hours a day does it run at full load? Lets say - 10 hrs of gaming a day?
Temps well under control?

Overclocking might reduce the lifespan of your CPU from 20 years to ~16. Plus or minus.
Keeping the temps on the low side and voltages low counts most for longevity.
It could last longer than some stock clocked i5's that aren't taken care of.