How much my pc consumes Power in Real Worlds


Jun 27, 2015

suppose i have a rig that is consuming about 500w of DC power as per the PSU specs and the Total PSU power limit is 750w gold or higher rated.

my question is while gaming if my pc consumes 500w as per the dc wattage how much watts will it draw from AC side.

how much power it will consume from wall socket as per the 240v AC meter consumption 1000Wh = 1 UNIT Hour that costs around 0.15USD

i am very confused if my gaming rig will consume the same amount of AC power that is defined on the PSU or the math is diffferent. because as i am assuming is 12v vs 240v power consumption is different

i don't know if i am right or wrong if 12v consumes 200w that might be a way less than a AC consumption.

Doctor Rob

Jul 21, 2008
The only real way to tell is put a watt meter on your computer plugged into the wall and let it tell you how much you are actually using as it really does not matter much if you have a 500W or 1,000W power supply. What matters is what is being run for hardware and software (like 1 or 2 vid cards) and playing games or just watching movies. like when my PC just sits there doing much about nothing (with 3 monitors as well) my computer sits at 225 Watts total continues draw. My computer Power supply is a 650W but with it gaming (the vid card running at 99% or so) I only sit maybe 405W or so max total at the power outlet.

(I have an Ryzen 1800X water cooled a few SSDs, plenty of ram, and an RX 580 8GB OC card. 1 ultra wide monitor, 1 4K monitor, and 1 1080P monitor all 24 to 32 inch if that matters)


A watt meter would get you the actual input power (the power you are using and being charged). 500w would be the output. 12v isn't relevant. 500w is 500w regardless of voltage. You could estimate it with psu efficiency since it's gold but 500w is a lot and wonder if you aren't calculating that correctly. Gaming doesn't take 100% power on all components. Even with 100% gpu usage, it's not 100% gpu power usage. Roughly 90% efficiency means 500w output is about 550w off the wall.