How much power is required for AMD Dual graphics?


Dec 31, 2012
Hello, after looking at my friends "gaming" PC the other day I noticed he had a gtx 520 and an A8 AMD CPU (The one with 6550D) I noticed this after he told me he wanted to upgrade his video card. He has a 350W PSU which is probably a major downfall. Does anyone know what is required to run Dual Graphics with the A8 and maybe a 6570 or a 6670?
With the 6670 taking at MOST 60 watts, as long as the power supply is a GOOD one it should work fine.

If you can get info on the power supply such as the 12 volt amp rating(combined if it has more then one rail. Also you can not ADD rails they should have a combined listing for just the 12 volt ones.).

IMAGE example. BTW, I run a GTX 650 ti on that power supply :)

I am NOT telling people to go out and use a 300 watt power supply to run a 650 ti, just it is all about what else is in the system.