Question How much power will a psu output to one pcie cable?

Apr 20, 2020
Hi, i had some problems with my pc that i build a while ago and eventualy found out that it was a faulty cpu but in trying to find out what it was i was told that i should have as many power cables going to my gpu as i can. now that my issue of crashing is fixed i was wondering how many do i actualy need as it looked really bad to have 2.
My gpu is a red devel 5700 xt rated needing a Minimum System Power requirement of 700W and has 2 8 pin plugs.
finaly my question is will one cable with a 8pin and a 6+2 pin on one side and a 6+2 pin on the psu side be able to power it under very high loads or will i need to use 2 8 pin cables?
psu corsair RM 750W
Thanks for the help


The point that you've been told is actually to have a dedicated PCIe wire run per connector on the GPU instead of it being daisy chained(like most PSU's have on their PCIe cables. You can read more here pertaining to the amount of power each connector can deliver to the GPU.

Joakim Agren

Sep 5, 2019
It is worth noticing that most higher end motherboards can output more then 75 Watts trough the PCI Express connection. I think my board can do 100 Watts. You should be using that card with 2X 8 pin or 1X 8 pin plus 1X 6+2 pin connector. Make sure you are using the dedicated PCI Express power cables from the PSU and do not use cables intended for CPU power. The 700 Watt PSU requirement by Red Devil is an exaggeration if you have a good quality PSU a 600 Watt will be enough. If you think the PSU cables are ugly looking I recommend you get a power supply sleeved extension kit for your GPU cables, your 24 pin motherboard power cable and the CPU power cable. You can get those kits around $40 these days on Amazon. If you love RGB lights (like me) and want to go crazy the Lian LI Strimer Plus GPU and Motherboard power cable extension kit is a great addition to any system but that will run you down $100-$110. I was crazy enough to spend that much for my system! :eek::ROFLMAO: