How much should I sell a homebuilt for? Specs inside.


Oct 24, 2008
As is I assume a custom for many...I built my first pc..and I love it. But I would like to sell it and build another.

Case: Raidmax Smilodon Extreme Black

PSU: Corsair 650TX

Mobo: ASUS M4A78T-E AM3 AMD 790GX

CPU: Phenom 720 BE

RAM: 4gb OCZ DDR3 1600

GPU: XFX 4890 Xtreme

HDD: WD Caviar Black 640

DVD Burner: Samsung 22x

OS: Vista Home Premium x64

The extra accents are 3x 120mm Apevia green fans & 3x 80mm Apevia Greens. Was going to drop a sunbeam core contact 120 a few days. The extra 120mm fan is actually in the drive bays. Fashioned a window/holder out of plexi as a small mod for the fan. Looks great with two mean green fans in front. the last accent is 2xgreen cathodes on the top & bottom of the case window. Green sata cables for hdd & dvd drive

I guess with the extra green stuff cost came out to around 1020 or so. After all the rebates go through, if ever I should be out 950 total on everything.

I'm just wondering what I should attempt to sell this for to a friend who is interested. I would say 1300-1400 but I'm asking you guys who know a thing or two.

I wouldnt even sell it, if you feel like building just take the thing apart and re-build. Might trick yourself in thinking that its a new build...I agree with helloworld_98 but its not easy selling a used pc, unless you already have a buyer willing to spend coin on a used product.

I would buy a new case and re-build then overclock the crap out of it......


Aug 11, 2007
meh if it were me I wouldn't buy this at $1300-1400, if u offered that I wouldn't even consider u a friend!

Case: Raidmax Smilodon Extreme Black $60
PSU: Corsair 650TX $80
Mobo: ASUS M4A78T-E AM3 AMD 790GX $125
CPU: Phenom 720 BE $120
RAM: 4gb OCZ DDR3 1600 $75
GPU: XFX 4890 Xtreme $215
HDD: WD Caviar Black 640 $75
DVD Burner: Samsung 22x $25

Total = $775 + Tax, now these are all used items. So I would expect a 20% off instantly = $620 + Tax and being a friend.... I'll leave it at that. Anyhow at $1300-$1400 I would LOL.

Note: I consider the Vista OC a POS so $0 value.
Just depends on what people are willing to pay. For someone who can't put a computer together, oh you know you can't trust many people with a screw driver ^_^, your labor is an added value. Go to iBuypower or something and spec out a similar system and see how much that would cost. That should give you a good estimate of what you can sell your system for.


Its used $700 if your lucky. For $700 one could get a way better system, and for your dreaming $1400 one could get a i7 rig. You'll definately have to find a sucker to get more then $500 though.

Its used
It has no warranty
It has no support
Suggestion: Price out the parts excluding the cpu and mobo, knock off 5%-10% from current best price on Newegg plus shipping to your house. Knock 33% to 50% off the current price of the cpu and mobo.

Offer to sell it to your friend complete for that total, or offer to put any cpu/mobo he wants in it at his cost for those parts and potentially a new copy of the OS (though MS will prolly let you revalidate on the new mobo/cpu).

Rationale? The other parts, except perhaps the case, are good parts but since they are used their value is replacement cost or LESS. If the cpu and/or mobo is not something one would choose to build with today, they are worth less.

As for the cost of assembly - add $40 if your friend can't build. As for your plex mod . . . . consider that a throw-in incentive.

Just an opinion lol.


Oct 24, 2008
Thanks for all the input guys.

I didn't really consider a four day old build used especially considering the days of use it has is just overclocking and stability testing.

Looks like I won't be selling it then.


Edit: Priced out everything that would be sold with the pc on newegg and I got Grand Total: $1,024.76 in my cart.

So, I'd still be lucky to get 500 for it right?


I would say 650.00$ max and I guess you will have to go and fix it every now n then (warranty) ... lol
I'd say $1150-1250 would be a good price for it. After all your labor counts for something since if someone could build it themselves they probably would. Normally if I build a system for someone like that I give them the option of having a mild overclock, or leaving it at stock speeds. Overclocking it adds performance and thus value (if you know what you're doing).


Nov 2, 2008
If your friend is wanting a new comp and you want to build one, spec out what he wants and is willing to pay for. Add an assembly and OC fee and build whatever they end up buying.

The other option if he really likes/wants this one and that I would place in the fair category would be sell it to him at current list cost. You get to keep the rebates and any combo discounts you could muster up.

Any chance of posting a pic? Maybe the custom job can add a little value.


If its 4 days old its still new.

For $1000+ one could get an i7 rig which is probably what you are planning on doing.

If its a freind and its new I can see selling it @ cost and nothing more.
I agree with the megamanx00. Since he's a friend the help and support and an informal warranty will go along with the build. He gets an excellent custom system with a one of a kind modded case and you get the money to build another system. As i see it you'd both win.


Oct 24, 2008

Thank you both for your answers.

I realize I was overshooting by a ton on 1300.

I may just go with @ cost with a few bucks tossed in for labor.

Thanks guys.

I know a lot of you can build a pc yourself and probably don't mind taking a 40% loss on your work...but some people like to make a small buck and just keep doing what they like.
Oh my god, it takes what... all of 2 hours to build a system and install an OS?
If you don't want the rig, and a friend wants it, you sell it to him for EXACTLY what the parts cost. Anything else, you are a sorry excuse for a friend.
You get your cash back so you can move on to something else, just chalk up the build to experience.
There is a difference between buying a prebuild, and buying a homebuild. There is not much market for a homebuild.


Feb 9, 2009
rethinking it, $750, the age really doesn't matter.

it's about how long it will last, for instance if a PC will last a year without needing an upgrade to keep it in it's current area of performance then you will get more money for it.

So if you had paid the extra $50 or so for a quad core then you would probably get an extra $150. A bit like how finished i7 builds have a premium of about $300 over the cost of parts.