Question how much should i sell my backup pc for?(just a ballpark for this market)


Oct 1, 2018
i recently built 2 computer and deciding if its worth it to try and sell the back up. now im not very knowledgable with selling them just putting together and even that limited anyways here the specs:
intel i5 9600 k
asus z370 pro
16 gb adata spectrix 3200 mhz (2x8gb)
240 gb ssd (kingston)
650w psu
Radeon 5500xt 4g Challenger

its works awesomely i just got a Ryzen 5 5600x with a 2080 so for obv. reason i don't really use the intel build... now i appricate any feedback just please if its wicked negative keep it moving im only interested in knowledgeable people who know what there talkin about...


Go online and search for similar systems that are being listed for sale. Check the pricing.

Another thing you can do is to tally up the costs of all installed components. Then figure in potential shipping costs plus how much "profit" you would like to receive.

Take a look at potential selling websites - such as Tom's Hardware/Classifieds. Become familiar with the rules and requirements to list and post a build for sale.

For the most part, I am very much leaning towards "stockpiling" computers and components. Having them directly in hand for future use may be worth more than what you might receive (even with a profit) by selling a system.

Just my thoughts on the matter.
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You have decent parts.

A pc will often fetch more if it is disassembled and the parts sold individually.
That is because it is unlikely that a buyer will want exactly the same pc.

Find your parts in used condition on ebay.
Then filter on completed auctions,
In green you will see what the part actually sold for.
Parts are easy enough to sell, if it includes a case, shipping costs will be a problem.
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