Question how much should i sell my custom built pc

Jun 10, 2019
this is the specs of my rig
2x ASUS titan x (Maxwell ) sli water cooled by a 480mm radiator (EK water case)
intel 4960x water cooled by 360mm radiator
24gb ram dominator corsair 2133mhz 3x8 (ddr3)
rampage IV black edition motherboard
corsair 900d high tower case
1 tb SSD Samsung evo
2 tb normal hard drive
9x AF 120 mm corsair led performance edition
2x AF 140 MM corsair quite edition
AX1200i CORSAIR power supply
2 x 300 water resvior with pumps .

the pc has no issues and the parts were never overlocked yet .
there is one issue i found which some people had which i thought the problem was with the pc . turns out any software that changes the LED lights ( i have led strips installed which i might remove ) so ICUE softward and CAM new updates crash the whole pc . black screen with sound running then after 30 secs the sound stoped ( by sound i mean music , vidoes , or gaming ) it crashes even when not gaming and idling . used the old CUE soft ware with out the LED option and i never had a crash ever since for 8 months . and for cam i did the same thing . seems new updates for those 2 software cause crashes . and yes i tried having cam only and it caused a crash then i deleted it . same thing with ICUE . try diffrent combinations to see what crashes . both did . i still didnt find a solution for this problem .solved it by having the old software version . i wish there was a good easy solution .
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