[SOLVED] How much should i sell my evga gtx 980 ti classified for?

Agreed. Consider the following:
  • Performance equal to a GTX 1660, which is regularly available for about $200 new for the cheapest model
  • Consumes about twice as much power as a GTX 1660 (120W vs 250W)
  • Used instead of new
  • No warranty for the buyer
  • Nvidia's drivers do not support "G-Sync Compatible" (ie: FreeSync) for cards prior to the 10- series.
Can you get something for it? Absolutely. For someone who wants that particular level of performance, AND has a PSU that can deal with the 980Ti's power demand, and does not care about having FreeSync (or doesn't have or plan to get a FreeSync monitor), about $150 is the max I'd guess. Though I think that might be slightly optimistic.

Math Geek

toms has it even with a 1660


and this review from earlier this year has it about the same. below a 1070 in performance.

so i'm sticking with my 1660 comparison :)

and my maybe $150 if you get the right buyer estimate.
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