How much the life of the cpu is shortened with higher voltages?


Apr 9, 2008
I wan't to overclock my E8400 to 3.8 GHZ.I have it at 3.6 with 1.8750 V.If i set it at 1.2 how much will it live because I plan to keep it for a couple of years.
The Penryn (45nm) cpu's are much less tolerant of increased core voltage than the previous Conroe and P4 series CPU's.

There is plenty of examples if you search through the threads here to look at.

If you have a nice OC without pushing the voltage too far then just settle with the best compromise you can get ... particularly on air.

Remember to monitor it over the next few days under load - particularly if the weather there heats up.

Make sure your case has good airflow too.

Remember sticking high end graphics cards, plenty of RAM, and perhaps a RAID0 drive setup is just as important if your looking at decent performance.

Cranking the FSB up on your cpu isn't going to do much if you have a TNT2 graphics card in the box and an old HDD there ... LOL.

There are tons of people here with older rigs that are still running fine overclocked ... some spectactularly so.

Just not mine ... Q6600 @ 3Ghz (333) ... why push it when I only have a paltry 9600GT card ...

All for what ... 2FPS ??



Apr 9, 2008
My E8400 is at 3.6 GHZ with 1.18750 vcore in bios and 1.15 in CPU-Z and it's stable. My idle temps are 30°C and load 40°C.Will I notice a difference if I get it to 3.8GHZ.I have 2 8800 GTS 512 Sli and 4GB ram 800 MHZ.


Jun 18, 2008
well, that's a relative question though isn't it? different processors can handle different voltages and have different lifespans.


Mar 12, 2007
E8400 you can go to 1.3675 i think it is and still be with in what intel says to run this chip at. so anything below this is not going to shorten the life of your CPU. You can go to the intel site and it will tell you the max votlage they recomend so anything lower than this will not hurt cpu as long as you keep it nice and cool.
yetyhunter I'd be pretty happy with what you have there.

Consider sticking two HDD's in RAID 0 - striped mode. Providing the board has a controller.

That will give you a bigger boost.

Any better SLI card solution is going to cost you a pretty penny ... for not much in the way of a return.

Perhaps it would be better to keep the cards and put a dual watercooling block setup on them so you can overclock the GPU cores a bit.

Those guys are very knowledgeable ... ask the GreatApe ...

Good luck with it all and keep us posted.

This is the best sort of thread around ... we all learn something from it.


Sep 5, 2008

To reference an earlier made comment about the maximum voltage...

Here is a link you can checkout if you want. It's not necessarily the EXACT E8400 that you have. However...

Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor E8400 (6M Cache, 3.00 GHz, 1333 MHz FSB)
Launch Date..........................Q1'08
Number of Physical Cores.........2
Lithography...........................45 nm
Core Voltage.........................0.850v - 1.3625v
Max TDP...............................65 Watts

So in terms of the CPU life, you're still within voltage range. Heat doesn't seem like a major issue either.

What type of gains are you looking for? The particular game or application you're using can help you determine which upgrade you should or shouldn't make. Unless you're playing Crysis, that setup probably does plenty well on all games.

For a noticeable pickup, other then eliminating HDD bottlenecks, is to upgrade GPUs which is not very cost effective considering your current setup. I would stick with what you have.

If you want to see what else is out there for your GPU... A great reference you could use is the newly published "Gaming Graphics Charts Q3/2008",30.html

Especially considering that these charts were created using a Dual Core 2.93Ghz test rig, they should give you a good indication of the gains that can be had through a different GPU setup.