Question How much to sell used gtx1050 for in the uk?

Jan 28, 2020
Hello, I have plans for purchasing an rtx2060 very soon, but to help me I will need to sell my current graphics card which is a GTX1050 Asus Strix Version bought for £140. Im planning to put it on sale for minimum £80. It will begin from £100 and I will drop the price to £80 if nobody buys it in alot of time. I have currently got £150 and don't have anything to sell, and earn myself £20 but thats it. Im leaning towards an rtx2060 for £270. Please let me know if that is a reasonable price and how I could increase my chances of getting it sold.

Looking on eBay while most hover at or around 100 I think that's far too much for the card since you can find RX580s, which are massively more powerful for roughly the same cost.

Realistically I would say the card is worth 50-70. I know you may have paid 140 for it, but the card is a entry level card from 4 years ago so you have to keep that in mind and compare it with whats new now and as I said the market is flooded with cheap RX580s


£100 may be a bit aggressive. Looking at eBay UK, the used GTX 1050 (non-TI) that are actually sold tend to be in the £50-80 range. You could probably get on the high end of that range since it's an Asus Strix, but £100 is a tough ask. The problem with £100 for a used GTX 1050 is that you can get an RX 570, a much more powerful GPU, new for around £120.