How much will a SSD speed up boot time


Mar 15, 2012
Hi, I have a computer that I built just recently and I was wondering how much a SSD would speed up the boot time of my pc? I have a little 80bg Caviar blue that I used to get everything up and running, but it takes like 2 minutes to boot. Also would a little 30 or 60 gb one be enough for the operating system and have it still run quickly? Also I would only use this drive for the OS and possibly one or two programs. Thanks for anything that you can tell me.
SSDs should speed up "boot" time considerably. An SSD is typically 20->40 times faster than a HDD.
A) the SSD or HDD does NOT effect the Post tome (loading the bios which checks hardware.
B) What is speed up is the time from "Loading operating system" to in windows and the annoying spinning bal stops spining. OS load times (EXcludes post time):
... 1) 128 gig Samsung 830 in i5-2500k desktop about 15 secs
... 2) 128 gig Curcial M4 in i5-2410 Laptop is also about 15 secs
... 3) Just installed 120 gig Agility III in my wifes system (Note this is on a sata II port) about 20 -> 25 Sec sec. But shee has more programs installed than I do.
C) It also speeds up program load times, but programs do NOT run any faster.

DO NOT go for <60 gig SSD. If fact my Min recommended size is 80 gigs. But if your only going to have a couple of programs installed you can use the 60/64 gig, BUT keep tabs on space as you should NOT use more than about 85 %. With that in mind a 60 gig SSD is only about 50 gigs USABLE space. A 30 gig, that drops to 25 gigs usable.


Using 60 Gb SSD still had about +40 Gb... free, since games do not benefit so much from ssd i keep it in hdd...

U newer said about your connection is it sata2 or 3, if u don't have sata3 than the speed advantage offered by some type is becoming not relevant because it only can be attained at sata3, it leaves sandforce vs samsung.... (compressed vs random data advantage)

Yup ssd will speedup the boot proses even in sata2, once u tried it u hardly go back..