How much windows experience point i will recieve if i get a ssd hard drive?


Jan 9, 2012
Im Ashik,
Im a game freak, and also I have a naive expectations of my pcs boot time.. At the moment my pc starts up at 38 seconds. I have a:

-intel core i5 2500k cpu at 3.30ghz windows ratin 7.5
-8 gb ddr3 ram " 7.6
-asus stx560 ti graphics card with 1 gig memory " 7.8
-64 bit windows 7 operating system - -
500gb ide/sata hard drive " 5.8

Please answer using the reference of a most common ssd hard drive of your choice....

1.How much windows experience point will I recieve if i get a ssd hard drive?
1. Roughly how much faster will my startup be? (38 seconds, current)

Roughly estimates please.....
Yes What abe said. One of mine is sata 2 and 7.6 one is sata 3 7.8 So yeah


Well on boot one take 15 seconds one takes 20 seconds. But its not the boot that impresses me as much as instant app opens and general snappiness just get one you will never look back.


Jan 5, 2013
7.9 if you get a samsung SSD like me. I boot in 15 seconds with windows 7 ultimate, with windows 8 you can be looking at a 10-3 second boot time. The downside is that you would have to be using windows 8.