[SOLVED] How much would it cost to replace an Asus laptop motherboard?


Apr 5, 2018
I bought the laptop last January. The Model is Asus Vivobook S15 X510UF Its core i3 with 2gb graphics. I am a freelancer so i mostly use it for like every single day for 12+ hours continuously. One day in the morning it stopped working suddenly. It turned up for 10 minutes and i was working then it turned off. The charging or the power signal light was not working. Yesterday i got it back from customer service. They told me it was a motherboard issue but they fixed it. It was doing good at night but in the morning it's same again. Not charging any more and doesn't turn on. I sent my brother to customer service again and it turned on in there. Now they are saying they won't accept it as it is doing okay. Currently my brother is turning it on and off to see if it fails again. Can you guys please guide me what should i do. I need the laptop all the time as I'm a freelancer and i can't depends on this current condition of the laptop. If it fails again to turn on then it will be a big issue. Thanks. Sorry for my bad English.


If you had to replace it yourself, just the cost of the motherboard. If you are paying someone else to do it, might as well get a new laptop.

Keep in mind that a lot of laptops these days have the CPU and GPU soldered to the board, so the bulk of the cost of the system are right there. Only memory (and sometimes not memory) and storage are user serviceable parts these days.

Given the small number of configurations offered, I would guess this is a fully soldered system with no sockets for the CPU or MXM interface for a modular graphics card. Hard to say though, a relatively new system, so there isn't much on the various repair sites. Not really seeing any motherboards for sale, they would likely be in intact systems. Usually you don't see components until warranties and extended warranties have run out.

Replacing the motherboard would be effectively getting a new computer as well, might be necessary to re-install Windows or purchase a Windows license. OEM keys are usually tied to the motherboard and are non-transferable.