How My SC Bowazon "Quested" Hell Izzy



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1. Arrive in Pandemonium after ripping Mepf

2. Walk out into Outer Steppes and foray

3. Return to Fortress after realizing that it will take Bowazon 3 hours
to clear way to Izzy

4. Bring in Javazon to same game using other PC

5. Send Javazon out and clear path from fortress to Izzy over a 15
minute span.

6. Allow Izzy to chase Javazon back to stairs at Fortress while merc
and valk take occassional stabs at Izzy and wear him down.

7. Return the Javazon to Fortress

8. Walk Boawzon down stairs and send a strafe or two in the direction
of Izzy.

9. Watach Izzy turn to "free spirit" and talk to Izzy

10. Send Bowazon up stairs to talk to tyrael and get two skill points

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Live Forever
(Unless Character is Deleted or Expired)

Orion Ryder


Archived from groups: (More info?)

I've pulled that same trick using a Sorc and a Javazon--Sorc dealt with
the LIs for the LF/CS Zon, and the Zon punked all the CI/FIs.