How NewEgg's Attention to Consumers Pays Off


I'm sure by now you've heard about NewEgg shipping someone a fake i7 920. What's amazing though is that I'm not seeing that much backlash against the egg.

I'm sure NewEgg is pretty embarrassed this happened, but I also see them reaping what they've sown. A reputation of quick RMAs, low prices, and good customer service has limited the fallout from this whole issue. I hope other companies are taking note! What do you think guys?


Nov 8, 2006
It just happens. egg needs to inspect their ordered products before they start selling them to the public. egg has taken appropriate steps in dealing with this situation. Well not when they said it was a 'demo' cpu LOL. Somebody made a profit with these stolen cpu. Hopefully with this investigation they will find who did it.


Nov 2, 2008
What came first, the customer service or the egg?

They are a top notch company. I found a combo with incompatible parts once and emailed them to let them know so their uninformed customers didn't make a mistake. They sent me a thank you gift card.

A parallel is auto companies. What has a better product, VW or US domestics? Turns out VWs have more problems per car than the domestics, but because they are so much more customer service oriented, and properly deal with the issues, it makes up for the quality control and thus perceived as a better product.


May 29, 2008
This particular issue is tricky for Newegg. The items in question are Intel Core i7 920 CPU's, which, we all know, come in a sealed box and may be hard to inspect without opening the box. Newegg would not sell a new item with the box opened, so again, really really tough for Newegg to have know there were fake CPU/heatsinks in said boxes. The perpetrators in this situation probably made sure that the weight of the counterfeit boxes were the same as the legitimate i7 920 boxes. This is not really brain science for the evil-doers as it is an easy way to exploit a good company such as Newegg. So, regardless, Newegg should clearly not get the blame, nor should the shipping company, this is pretty cut & dry.

As for Newegg's company policies and attention to detail & customers, well, that is where they are at an advantage, they will get backed by anyone out there in regards to this matter simply because of the way they operate. They offer numerous varieties of various products all while maintaining a loyal customer base. In these trying times, even a loyal customer base can only get you so far, yet, Newegg prevails.

Show me a company with the same ethics/policies/foundation as Newegg and i'll show you a successwful company and the customer base to back them up. The people who are responsible for this mess are the only ones to blame here.

Now, if only there was a company out there that sold Quality pre-built PC's that had prices and customer service comparable to Newegg. something with custom configuration options as well as pre-built. You know, for those people who prefer not to put up with the hassle of building... Like Dell using Cyberpower PC's component selection @ a lower price... Hmmm..., who wants in?