Question How or what to look for monitor that allows for switching ports via keyboard/mouse?


Feb 15, 2020
I'm looking for monitors that have the capability to switch between different ports via keyboard/mouse. At the moment, I'm looking at Dell monitors but it's not limited to Dell brand only. I like to know what to look for when shopping for monitors with this capability.

Thank you.


This topic is new to me so apologies first if im not helping much. I believe you're looking for monitor with ddc/ci support which i think a lot do, and then find software that allows you to control monitor osd settings.

Here explains about ddc/ci.

Maybe contact monitor manufacturers, ie Dell, inquiring about such a feature (ddc/ci) and which models offer it and if they also support consumer software you could use instead of universal software.

Guess, now the problem i see is because software is required on pc to manipulate monitor, once you change input to say a console, unless software has some sort of macro/quick key setup to change inputs back to pc youll be forced to use monitor buttons.

Maybe Hdmi/Displayport switcher be another avenue you could chase.