How out-dated am I?


Aug 11, 2011
Alright I'm posting some of my basic system specs. I don't know if its time to build a new computer. I've seen tonnes of benchmarks and reviews for all the new hardware (CPUs, GPUs, hard-drives, SSDs, motherboards etc)... but I have no idea what these results really mean or what they are like in a real-life scenario.

So behold my system specifications, and let me know if its time for a new computer:

CPU: Intel Pentium 4 (Prescott) 3.2 Ghz

GPU: Integrated graphics

Motherboard: Intel D865GVHZ Micro-ATX (No PCI-e, no AGP, no SATA, only IDE)


Storage: 20 GB IDE hard-drive + 160 GB IDE hard-drive

DVD/RW: LG 52x (IDE)

PSU: 230W

Screen: 18" CRT


Well there were computers faster than yours back in 2006, todays computers are much much faster than what your using right now. You are very dated in my opinion, I would of replaced that thing years ago.

More like 9 years. That was the top end Pentium 4 (S478 I would assume) back in 2003, just before they brought out S775 in 2004 with the 90nm Prescott based Pentium 4s.

He is way outdated. OP, time for a new PC. Anything will do, even the lowest end AMD/Intel based PC will make yours look archaic.
This computer is from 2004 and I'm assuming the 20GB HDD is even older. Now old isn't the problem--it's the fact that with new computers, you don't have to wait several seconds every time you click something.

The fact is, if you just pick up a new $250 computer, you'll notice a significant improvement in day-to-day tasks like starting up the computer, browsing the web (online info will pop up quickly and videos will play more smoothly). For most people, I'd recommend a laptop as a new computer.

For a couple people, especially those interested in customizing down the line, a desktop has a use.

EDIT: OP, if you do decide to get a new computer, feel free to post a thread to that effect (link it here) and we'll answer any questions you have to help you make the best purchasing decision. In terms of upgrades, even something like this $169.99: (note that it has no OS, so you'd have to install Windows yourself).
Didn't he say his was Prescott?

Ahh I missed that. Seems strange to have a Prescott Pentium 4 with a mobo with no SATA, no PCIe or AGP when I had a 845PE chipset 3.2GHz Pentium 4 Northwood that had SATA and AGP. One of the first SATA mobos out.

I would guess he got a extreme cheap mobo if it didn't have SATA or AGP.


Aug 5, 2011

my iphone 4 has better specs than that
A modern computer is two to three times faster per core and have typically four times as many cores. A modern large hard drive is also two to three times faster and a SSD is a LOT faster. Graphics cards have similarly improved.
Your system is now obsolete.


Jan 1, 2007
I think my grandma has better rig lol
Jokes aside I stopped reading after P4

The thing is you need to know how you feel. Do you feel that your PC is slow and have to wait forever till you open anything? If that is so a must.
If you go on your PC once or twice a week and have no issues there is no need to upgrade if you are happy with what you have...Perhaps it would be the best for you to get a laptop.
In any case tell us what do you want to do with your PC and what is your budget.

Good luck



Dec 7, 2011
I'd too say it depends on what you actually do with that PC. Like browsing the internet every now and then doesn't need a new PC. If it still works for you, that's fine. :)
I built a Willamette P4 w/ Rambus back in 2001 and even that had AGP. But I've actually seen a couple of OEM P4's that didn't have anything but PCI for graphics add-ons.

Anyhow, OP, action is on you. What would you like to do and we'll give you more tips than you need.


Nov 29, 2011
You are using an outdated PC Pentium 4, The CPU has only 1 core, can't do multi-tasking. Its a thing of the past. Good for MS Office 2003.Probably the OS was Windows Me, or Windows XP?


Not to mention getting a new PC (especially Ivy Bridge) will cut his electricity bills by a ton.

I heard Ivys gonna update the G860s. I recommend you start there. Wait a few months, save up, build a small G860 system (or any other Ivy Bridge), add an SSD, and be blown away by the speed of your new build.


Sep 5, 2011
What are you using it to - browsing or gaming or downloading movies convert them?

In every aspect you will get more friendly useability - faster browsing better

showing of sites - gaming will be faster and more beautyfull pictures - converting

movies will be alot faster.


Aug 11, 2011
Hahaha that's quite a lot of replies guys! Didn't see that coming! Yeah the PC was built back in 2003, I was only 8 years old at the time. Cost $1400 back in the days...

I'll be leaving for college in a few months. Family will keep grandpa-desktop here, I'll either build a new one or buy a new laptop.

Just wondering, would you good folks please help me decide between an Intel or AMD build? I know the i3 2100 performs roughly on the same level to a Phenom II X4... but which one to choose??? i3 2100 is only dual-core... but with HT, so... but no overclocking capabilities (does it really matter?). X4, on the other hand, has 4 physical cores and can overclock.

Please note, I'm not trying to build a gaming-only desktop. I want a good all-rounder (includes gaming, video-editing, simulations etc), and I most likely wont upgrade in the future.

I'm broadly thinking:
1) I3 2100, H61 LGA 1155 board (doubt I'll be OC'ing anytime in the future or caring about the whole SSD-caching thing), Radeon 6850 / GTX 460, 500GB 7200 rpm etc...

2) Phenom II X4, AM3 board (doubt I'll upgrade to Bulldozer or Piledriver), Radeon 6850, 500 GB 7200 rpm etc...

Please help me folks, any better suggestions?


Jan 28, 2012
Seriously, I nearly spilled my tea onto my laptop! That is one heck of a computer... Woah... seriously old...

*Ahem* About your question, yes, you will need to upgrade your computer. That is all I will say...


Jan 28, 2012
Mr Forde3654Eire,

Please look at these specs and prices... it should be cheap enough...

CPU: Intel i3-2100 (Sandybridge) @ 3.1GHz

If you have just a little more in your pocket, then please get yourself an i5 processor. Here is the link...

Intel Sandybridge i5-2300 @ 2.8GHz

Motherboard: Asus P8Z68-V LX

Memory: 8GB DDR3 (@ £39 ~ £42)

OS: Windows 7 (x64) Home Premium

GPU: ATi Sapphire HD 6750 (2GB)

If you want a monster or horse-power (kind off, not sure what to say..), then look at ATi 6850 Edition. That would cost you around £120 ~ £130... if you have the budget...

Sapphire ATi HD 6850 (1GB)

HDD: Western Digital Caviar Blue 500GB (That is the biggest + cheapest I can find)

Computer Case: It's your choice and colour or whatever fancy your boots! :)


i would suggest no lower than a i3 2120, a little more bang for your buck over the 2100. but really do yourself a favor and get an i5 2300. quad core would be better for video editing and simulations

and instead of a H61 a H67 would provide better connectivity for any needed peripherals down the line.

most of all get a good quality PSU!