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[SOLVED] How powerful is the GTX 770 these days?


Jul 17, 2018
This is something that I've been thinking about lately. How powerful is it relative to modern cards (Pascal, Polaris)? I know it's old and not exactly a power saver, but if we look purely at the performance figures where would it be? What about it's brethren GTX 760?

I don't know this really just something that crossed my mind.


I'm suspicious of that chart only because it shows the 3GB GTX 1060 being so close in performance to the 6GB GTX 1060.

There are a few games where the 3GB VRAM of the former totally tanks the performance, to the point where the 4GB 1050Ti equals it or slightly surpasses it. It's only in a few games, but still....
I had the 4GB version of the 770 from gigabyte and it did a good job even in modern games. But this is dependent on your feeling. I could play @30fps in some games and in others @40 to 80 @medium to high and it was ok for me. If someone can´t spend that much money for a better GPU and has this one already installed in the system, it would run almost all games at an acceptable framerate @1080p.