Question How screwed am I? (Pun intended).

May 26, 2022
I ordered an RM650 and have honestly not been having such a dope time with it. Firstly the 24 pin modular connector doesn’t “click” into place which is something I was considering an RMA for, but worst of all I derped out on installation and used three (yes three) ventilation holes at the back by accident instead of the actual mounting holes. Here is an image of the two i’m concerned about:

My stupidity truly knows no limits.
I have two questions.

How likely is it that I damaged any of the internals? I used screws around the same length as motherboard mounting screws so nothing too long.
Will this void any potential warranty in the future?

If any of you sweet hardware gods would be so kind as to check the internals of this PSU and evaluate the situation for me I would be thankful.