Question How screwed is my new mobo?


Mar 25, 2010
I'm gonna use the word 'motherboard' or 'mobo' A LOT in this post so I will refer to my old mobo as motherboard or mobo Primaris and my new motherboard as Secundus. This is to avoid confusion I will do the same for my PSU.

So back in early August I had a tropical storm come through Long Island I took precautions and properly shut Windows down and unplugged the entire system from the wall. The storm passed but the local utility company started fiddling with the local power grid causing a wave of rolling power sags that damaged my PC after I plugged it back in hours after the passing of the storm (I didn't expect it since it was like half a day after the storm passed and it was only a tropical storm so...) Anyway it caused hidden faults in mobo Primaris and maybe PSU Primaris hidden faults that became apparent two weeks later while playing Rust and one week after that again while playing Project Sense. I realized I had a real problem on my hands that wasn't a random occurence. I RMA'd the CPU, RAM, mobo Primaris, and PSU Primaris. Eventually I got everything back and plugged it all in and turned on the PC. Gigabyte claimed they found nothing wrong with the mobo so they sent it back Gigabyte obviously did not test it throughly because it exibited the same symptoms that caused me to RMA it in the first place.

Ordered mobo Secundus from Amazon as I wasn't doing another five week wait with Gigabyte. Now I want to be clear when I plugged PSU Secundus into RMA'd mobo Primaris the system turned on but failed to POST due to what looked like a bad memory controller (the original issue it had). However I later replaced the mobo with Secundus which I ordered from Amazon and the system doesn't even turn on however when plugged into mobo Secundus PSU Secundus will fail to turn on and the PC will white flash randomly (mobo lights up for a short second and then turn off). Sent it into Geek Squad as I am baffled and the guy thinks it's a faulty PSU.

So I will RMA the PSU AGAIN!!! Here's what I am curious about do I really have to dismantle the PC again and send mobo Secundus back to Amazon for replacement or is it ok? I don't want to RMA the PSU, get it back, and discover something is wrong with the brand new mobo, but I really don't feel like dismantling the PC again and then rebuilding it again. But I need to make a decision. I am mentally exhausted and I really just want to send it off for troubleshooting I don't even get to rest easily once the PC is fixed because of the intermittent nature of the original issue and the ever branching issues thereafter.

Is it possible plugging it into the old damaged it and that's why it doesn't work with the new one? Does this mean I have to RMA mobo Secundus? I am so lost at this point if I could I'd just buy a new PC and be done with it.

PS: What is the minimum temperature for a Z390 AORUS Pro Wifi mobo (non-operating)? Even though it's been cold here the last few months I don't think my room is below freezing especially since I can walk around it in my B-Day suit and feel fine. I don't think it's because it's been sitting a while inactive but I want to rule that out.
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