Question How should I export data from old computer to new laptop?

Nov 18, 2020
I have over 1000 FL Studio projects on my stationary computer I built 4 years ago. And anyone who knows FL Studio knows the struggle of sending FLPs, every sound used needs the file path to be able to be in the project. So if you send just an FLP file to another computer, unless if that computer has the exact same sounds in the exact same file and pathway most of the sounds won't work.

There is a way to fix this, and that is to export the FLP as a "zipped loop package", where every sound and the flp comes in a zipped folder with the pathway set to that folder. That way anyone can open the project from any computer. Problem is, there is no way to export multiple zipped loop packages at the same time, and exporting 1000 projects one by one would take many, many hours.

Is there any way to copy over every single file on my computer to an external hard drive and then plug it into my laptop and be able to open any flp without losing sounds/samples and so on?

Will an external HDD enclosure work? I have Windows installed on my old harddrive, is there any risk involved with plugging that old hard drive into my new laptop that also already has windows installed? Or will the harddrive just show up as a regular hard drive with all my files, pathways, etc. I am not concerned about losing programs or anything other than my FLPs.

Any response is deeply appreciated. Thank you.