Question How should I judge and replace this HDD right now on CrystalDiskInfo ? is my HDD dying ?

Sep 9, 2019

I have a HDD that are "Caution" on CrystalDiskInfo and I'm wondering if I should replace it right now. I'm not quite familiar with PC and tried to google its information, I would be very helpful if you tell how I should judge its condition and take action.

There's something wrong with PC, its movements, which is oddly slow or frozen for a one second from last few days, so I checked its condition of my HDD with CrystalDiskInfo just in case, then it seems Health Status became yellow Caution from blue Good 100 % within a couple of days according to its graph of CrystalDiskInfo and some of the lists show as the following screenshots in 10 bit




It seems those two Raw Values suddenly increased from 0 to 1912 in an instant, not having been gradually doing over the past months,

Although this F drive has been using only for video files so there are no OS files on it, because of this F drive, does PC's general movements like the internet, Amazon kindle is getting slower or frozen? General files like OS file, Amazon kindle, Steam's game software has been installed in C drive of SSD, however, I tried to check up C drive's condition on CrystalDiskInfo, for some reason, first, Power On Hours is unknown, C drive has been running together with D drive, so I believe it's 40082 hours according to D drive's info. Secondly, the two lists itself of C5 Current Pending Sector Count and C6 Uncorrectable Sector Count doesn't exist on CrystalDiskInfo for drive C of SSD. So the SSD is blue Good 100 % as far as it shows. Even though it seems fine, is this SSD cause to PC's general movements suddenly got slow or frozen for some seconds ? or regardless of the SSD, is these problems all because of F drive after all? come to think of it, when I was downloading some video files into F drive, I feel PC's all movements got slow or not, I'm not sure though, I feel like so.

Although I'm now backing up its data to other HDD in a hurry, should I replace it for a new one? I know it's time to replace it for a new one if Raw Values of C5, C6 slowly grow, but those values suddenly increased from 0 to 1912 in an instant, I'm confused how I judge this condition, is it okay to ignore it, I'm wondering if I should replace right now or see how it goes for a while more as I'm always backing up. Or, should I try a long format, not to jump to buy a new one? Incidentally, what makes Raw Values of C5 and C6 dramatically increase? although I've just been downloading amounts of video files into this drive F and have some other drives, other drives have been enduring this work for now, after all, is there just luck?

Thank you for viewing my question, I would appreciate your help if you tell this condition and provide me with a most favorable option.
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The disk is dying. When you've done doing backup, you should try to get refound if possible.

Until next time : The only valid backup is data that is already stored on at least two locations already.