How should I run Memtest???


Jul 11, 2007
I have Memtest on a bootable CD. The program runs upon boot up. I would like to know if there is something I should do within the BIOS before the program runs.

Should I set all BIOS settings to default first? Should I set the FSB or DRAM frequency to something before I run?

Or does it even matter?

Unless you've drastically changed the BIOS memory timings and settings from default, no it does not matter. Non memory related BIOS settings will/should have no impact on Memtest. Upping the voltage or radically altering the timings may cause Memtest to fail or not even run but Memtest can actually be used to help determine and verify a stable overclock. With that said, run Memtest at default BIOS memory timings to verify that you've got good memory and then make any adjustments and re-run Memtest to check for errors with the oc.

Good luck!