how slow would a card be in a 4x slot


Jul 27, 2003
I am building a new pc i was think of getting a RADEON 9800 does anyone have any benchmarks of it ? not the RADEON 9800 pro. RADEON 9800 the vs the RADEON 9800 pro on the same system would be great.

I also want to put a better card in my old pc it has a 4x agp slot. does anyone have benchmarks. for say a 9600 pro or 9800 or maybe somthing from nVidia in a 4x slot?? thanks

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This is getting quite tiring, telling people, thousands of people, over and over, one at a time, that AGP8x doesn't offer a noticable improvement over AGP4x on any current cards, on any motherboard. You get what you see. If you like the benchmarks that were done on an 8x board, you'll be equally impressed on your 4x board. There's nothing left to say, good day.

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