How The Hell do I Blu-Ray?

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Mar 18, 2012
So there are over a dozen programs out there to burn blu-ray's and avchd's.

There are also multiple formats on my hard drive, mp4, mkv and avi to name a few.

I've tried countless times to find a SINGLE program that I can take lets say a MKV file and burn it into a Blu-Ray that WILL read on ANY blu-ray player besides my PS3.

I've already tossed 3 blu-ray disc trying to get a movie burn into a Blu-Ray disc that can be read and played by my regular blu rays players.

I've used.
Nero 11 (Just makes Blu Ray Data Disc, great for my ps3, not for everything else)
Imgburn (if I put the BDMV folder in there, it just makes a blu ray data disc, great for PS3, nothing else)
DvDFab (Converts files galore)
Power ISO
ConvertXToDVD (actually solid and putting subtitle files with movies together)
and Aimersfot DVD Creator (for dvd's only, terrible program)

What am I asking for from the community is a bullet proof way to take a movie file, and get it onto a blu ray disc with a title and menu if need be, that will play in any player I have.
What is the required media and program that can make this possible?

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