How to access a HDD used for DVR?


Apr 21, 2012
Hi guys. Could you, please help me in this case: The 2Tb HDD was removed from DVR and now it indicates as unallocated. There is very important information on it. How it could be recovered? Will appreciate any assistance.
Put it back into the DVR.

But seriously, the file formats, file systems, and even disk partitioning scheme used by the DVR are most likely not the same as that used by the DVR. Usually, this is deliberate, to keep you from exporting the digital-rights-protected media that may be there. You could try another DVR of the same brand, or one of the Linux distros.
If this was a tivo, you can use WinMFS live to read the contents assuming you didn't have external storage on the tivo. External storage on a tivo is used in conjunction with the internal drive running as a raid 0 array so it may not be possible to read from the drive when using external storage.

At the very least, you should be able to backup the drive.