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How To Access Action Center To Install Updates Automatically

On Windows 10, the action center allows you to interact with quick settings and your notifications with ease. You may go to settings and enable automatic updates.
Here’s how to access action center to install updates automatically -

Step 1
Open Action Center (Win + A)

Click the bottom right-most icon that looks like a dialog icon to open up Action center or just hit Win + A keys. The action center will slide in from the right.

Step 2
Click on All Settings

Once you’re in, head over to Update and Security. It allows you to alter any settings related to updates for the system software.

Step 3
Update and Security

Click on ‘Update and security’.

Step 4
Click on Advanced Options

Scroll down a bit and click on Advanced Options. This will take you to a window where you can change some of the upper-level settings.

Step 5
Turn on Automatically download updates.

Step 6
Turn on Update Notifications

This will allow you to receive notifications when your PC requires a restart to finish installing the updates.

You have now allowed the action center to install updates automatically with just a few clicks.
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