Question How to access an IBM Ultrastar Model DDYS-T18350 with my MacBookPro?

Oct 18, 2019
How to access an IBM Ultrastar Model DDYS-T18350 with my MacBookPro? The drive is from 1999 and my neighbor wants to see what's on it.

Ultra 3 SCSI 68 pin and measly 18.2 GB!!

Please help.
Get a PCI SCSI 68 pin card. If neither of you has a cheap PC to put it in. Get a cheap used one off eBay with Windows already installed. It'll be cheaper than a used SCSI to USB adapter for the Macbook. You can use other SCSI cards but will have to also deal with adapters and may not find drivers.

If the disc is Mac formatted. Use a program like HFS Explorer to read the contents or paid options for read/write.

Also if the disk is Mac Formatted. You can try to find a cheap vintage Mac with SCSI support. You might find a Mac II line, Performa, LC, Centris or Quadra for under $100. Perhaps one of the early Power Macintoshes. Basically any beige Mac has SCSI support and will just need a 68 pin adapter. You can check for a specific model having SCSI support. A used PC would be easier though. As you'd also need an ADB Keyboard/Mouse, DB15 to HD15 VGA adapter and perhaps Ethernet adapter. A used PC is the cheapest route.
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I should point out that most cheapo old SCSI cards only have drivers up to Windows 7. The only non-RAID SCSI cards I am aware of with signed 64-bit Windows drivers that will actually work in Windows 8-10 are the 29320-39320 family cards. Those will work in a 32-bit PCI slot that has enough free space behind it for the PCI-X part of the card to hang over, or did also come in x1 PCIe variants.

For PC, even an XP machine will do, but note you'll also need a quality 68-pin SCSI cable with a terminator on it.
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