Question How to access Bios?

I have a Toshiba Satellite L55 laptop with Windows XP as a retro rig. I want to install windows 10 on a second partition. I have a USB install drive made, however when i press F2 on boot, nothing happens and i cant access my bios to change boot order. I believe F2 is bios key, however windows xp just boots when i try to boot.
I was able to reset cmos from the button on the bottom of the laptop and it booted into the installer. It installed and dual boots fine, but i also want linux on this machine. Complicated IKR. None of those keys work. F2 used to work, but it doesn't work anymore. I cannot access UEFI Firmware settings from recovery menu either since the icon isn't there. I mash the whole F row on boot and nothing. I just want to boot from a usb stick with pop os.
Mar 18, 2019
If your splash screen buzzes by b4 you can read it, try hitting the Pause key many times as soon as you hear the 1st detection beep..... then alternate quickly any other key and Pause again.

Perhaps you can read and confirm which key is needed to enter setup.


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