How to activate Ethernet ports in new Townhouse

Jan 4, 2019
I just moved into a Townhouse and every room has an ethernet port, I did some research and found the "hub" in the master bedroom closet. I tried hooking up my cable modem to all the loose cable in there with no connection, however it does connect at another cable port in the master bedroom.

I'm thinking I have to run an ethernet cable to the port on the left side of the hub in order to get the network to work, attached are pics if anyone can give some insight before I run to buy a 50ft ethernet cord.
Those looks like wirings for a security system. But OK assume security is taken down no longer active, this is very simple.

Room ---- CAT cable ---- Junction Room ---- Ethernet Switch.

Unhook all cables from that 2+12 port thingy and plug them into an ethernet switch. That's it bud.