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How To Add A Keyboard In Windows 10

There are multiple keyboard layouts available in Windows 10 along with multi-lingual keyboards as well. These keyboards help the user perform tasks in various languages with ease, and they also provide the ability to set the keyboard to another format. One may find the non-QWERTY layouts easier to use and it can also help with various disabilities.

You need to simply follow the steps presented below and you will be able to add a second keyboard to your Windows 10 PC. You also get to select the language and keyboard layout of your choice while adding the second keyboard.

Step 1
Go to the bottom left section of the screen and click on the ’Windows’ button. This will launch the Windows start menu.

Step 2
From the list of options, click the ‘Settings’ option as shown in the below figure

Step 3
Click on the ’Time & Language’ tab in the Settings window.

Step 4
On the left side of the page select the ’Region & Language’ options button.

Step 5
Now on the right side, you will have the option to select a language. Select the language in which you want to add the new keyboard.

Step 6
Now click on the ‘Options’ button below the language selection tab and you will be presented with a list of keyboard formats for that specific language.

Step 7
Select one of your choices and click on the ‘Add a keyboard’ button at the bottom of the page.

This should have added a second keyboard to your Windows 10 PC. You can now switch between the two keyboards with ease and perform tasks that require the use of a separate language.
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