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How To Add A Virtual Desktop In Windows 10

Windows 10 operating system offers support for the universal application and has several advanced personalization and security options. The personalization options in this version of the operating system have been appreciated by many people. The demand for virtual desktops has increased. Virtual desktops help in handling simultaneous works in a very neat fashion.

Windows 10 has made it extremely easy for users to add a virtual desktop. Here is how you add a virtual desktop in your Windows 10 system.

Step 1
Click ‘Task View’ icon

Firstly, single-click the ‘Task View’ icon. The task view icon is located on the Windows taskbar. On clicking that icon, you can see the applications that are opened in tiles format and can you switch control between them

Step 2
Click ‘New Desktop’ button

You will find the opened application in tiles format. Now to create the virtual desktop in Windows 10 system, click the ‘New Desktop’ [/B]button. You can create as many virtual desktops you want by just pressing that button that much time. Another way to create a new virtual desktop in Windows 10 is press ‘Ctrl + Win + D’

Step 3
Click the created virtual desktop tile

In the below pic you will find a new virtual desktop. In order to access the newly created virtual desktop, click the ‘Virtual Desktop’ tile. In the newly created virtual desktop, you can view the opened applications in the task view. To switch between the various virtual desktops, go to the task view and select the desired virtual desktop tile.

‘You can thus easily add a virtual desktop in the Windows 10 system by following the above steps in a sequential manner’
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