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How To Add An Audio Device To A Macbook Pro

MacBook Pro has gained a lot of appreciation from people for its personalization, security features, the OLED display, the touch bar, and the thunderbolt ports. In addition to these set of features, the model is very compact, thinner and light weight making it easily portable. Sometimes, you might want to add an external audio device to your MacBook Pro. You need to connect the audio device to the port of your choice and then select it as the audio input. Here is how you can add an audio device to the MacBook Pro.

Step 1
Click the ‘Apple’ icon

Firstly, Click the Apple icon’ as shown below to view the basic primary options of your MacBook Pro. Remember, the ‘Apple icon’ is present at the left corner of the title bar.

Step 2
Click the ‘System Preferences’ option

In the ‘Apple’ menu options, you will find vital options like shutdown, restart, System Preferences, know about Mac, etc. Here, click the ‘System Preferences’ option to view the various customization setting options of your MacBook Pro.

Step 3
Click the ‘Sound’ option

In the ‘System Preferences’ option, you will find the setting options like Network, spotlight, parental controls, sharing, sound, keyboard, mouse, etc. Here, select the ‘Sound’ option.

Step 4
Connect your audio device to the port and Select the ‘Input’ tab

In the ‘Sound’ window, you will the primary options to be sound effects, output, and input. Firstly, ‘Connect your audio device’ to the port of your MacBook Pro. For example, you can connect your microphone device to the USB port. Once done, click the ‘Input’ tab as shown.

Step 5
‘Click the desired audio input’

In the ‘Sound’ settings window, under the ‘Input’ tab, you will find the list of input audio devices available. If the audio device is well connected to the port, you will find the name of the device in the list. Here, click the ‘Desired audio input’ .

Step 6
‘Input volume and the input level of the selected device’

As shown in the below image, you can find the ‘Input volume and input level’ for the selected audio device.

‘You can now easily add an audio device to your MacBook Pro by following the above steps’
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