How to add an IDE HDD and DVD/RW onto new Motherboard with only SATA


Jan 12, 2012
I have a customer on a tight budget that want to connect 4 IDE devices to a new motherboard that has SATA only. He want to connect at least 2 (primary hdd barracuda 320gb,7200 rpm, 16mb cache and the DVD/RW)

There are two ways:
1. IDE PCI Controller (connect 2 ide drives)
2. IDE to SATA (1 for each drive)

What is the best way regarding the perfomance?

The primary hard disk is a barracuda 320gb,7200 rpm, 16mb cache. It is a fast enough drive if connected on an IDE port. What is the performance penalty if connected through one of the two above solutions.

If the HDD and DVD/RW will be very slow using 1 of the 2 solutions, will we solve the problem if we find a motherboard with onboard IDE controller like the ASUS P8H67-M PRO?


There are issues with both methods. First, as I understand it most motherboards do not support booting from a PCI slot. Some do so check this before you buy. Second, I've heard of a lot of issues with the IDE to SATA adapters. Even if you find a board that has IDE on it you'll likely only have the ability to run two drives. This would at least fix the possible boot issue.