Question How to add another logical volume to KVM

Mar 27, 2019
My VM can't see the second RAID array on my server system. I have a Dell PE2900 with ubuntu server installed on a small RAID array set aside for the OS. I have a second larger array for working with.. plan to use it for storage and serving up a game online. when I create a VM the only drive it sees is the OS array. It simpy does not see the second array that I want it to access and use. My question is - how do I allow KVM to see and use the second array?
Are you using VMM for setting up/managing the VMs?

Nothing hopeful under the 'disk' or 'add hardware' options looks promising?

In HyperV, the storage drive/array in question had to be downed/offline to controlling/managing OS (Win10 Pro) before it could be passed on/presented to other VMs to use, but, I've not tinkered with that functionality in KVM/VMM for a couple of years...