Question How to add DRM protection to a video file


Aug 26, 2018
Hello. I have recorded a tutorial for a software and am looking for a way to add DRM to those video files so that those files could only be played from the computer or phone that has downloaded them, also the user should not be able to take a video capture from the file, if possible i prefer for the user to be able to take screenshots but not video captures. I'm open to any methods, including applications(preferred), websites, or any other possible method. The files are included in google drive and are in video format.


There are application software products available to do such things.

For example:

I am not familiar with either example and offer the links only for example purposes. Not endorsing nor recommending.

There are other similar links and products to be found.

The app's specific DRM features and functions are likely to vary and may or may not meet all of your DRM requirements.

Likely you will need to try two or three to learn how they work and if they work as you expect and require.

That said, be very sure that you have backup copies of your work safely set aside and verified as recoverable and readable.

"Applying DRM" may not result in the desired protections at best or end badly for your video at worst.