Question How to add the set of data and store it in two consecutive locations?

Jun 12, 2019
I have a homework for microprocessors with all these facts:
  • The set of data is stored in memory locations starting at 9950H;
  • The end of the data string is indicated by the data byte 00H;
  • The answer is larger than FFH;
It is asked me to add the set of data and store the entire sum in 2 consecutive memory locations: 5570H and 5571H.
I know it is only a few simple commands but I'm lost and don't even know where to start from.

Math Geek

i'm sorry but tom's has a policy of not doing users' homework for them. it is against the forum rules. i am willing to bet that your teacher gave you notes or other samples you are supposed to use to complete the assignment. your textbook is also a highly likely place to find assistance as well.

i am taking a programming class myself right now as well as multiple other classes that are based in a command line environment. anything i am assigned to complete has been covered in class and also covered in the book for the class. i find it unlikely your teacher gave you work to do that was never covered in class or in required reading for the class.

good luck
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