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How To Adjust The DPI Settings On A Mouse Sensitivity In The Windows 10 System

Some of us like our mouse to fly by all the settings and some others prefer to go easier on it to get a little more precise in their options. If you are a gamer, for example, this is particularly important for you, because it could very well make you win or lose your current game. Also, designers can get better advantage of their hand’s sensibility. This simple tutorial will take you through all the steps you need to go to adjust your mouse sensitivity.

Step 1
Type ‘Mouse Settings’ in the Search bar

In the ‘Search bar’ of your Windows 10 computer simply type the words ‘Mouse Settings’ and it will take you to the menu that holds all the options you need.

Step 2
Enter the ‘Additional Mouse Options’ menu

Look for the option called ‘Additional Mouse Options’ on your right side and then simply do a left click on it.

Step 3
Adjust your mouse sensitivity

Once you click on that option, go to the tab under the name of ‘Pointer options’ and adjust the sensitivity with the given rolling bar on it. If you want your mouse to go faster move the slider to the right side. If you want your mouse to go slower, move it to the right side. It should be pretty intuitive. Once you are there, click [b’]OK’.[/B] You can also check on the further options if you like.

You can repeat this process as many times as you wish to adapt to your present needs.’
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