How to Assign 4 Partitions to 4 Different Hard Drives?


Jun 25, 2012
I have 4 Hard Drives : 3 Western Digital 250GB Caviar Blue SATA 6Gbp/s 16MB Cache (WD2500AAKX) & 1 Western Digital 1TB Caviar Black SATA 6Gbp/s 64MB Cache (WD1002FAEX).
I am going to Install Windows 7 32bit Professional Edition. So I want to Assign, the Primary Drive (C: or Operating System Drive) to the 1st 250GB Caviar Blue; D: to the 2nd 250GB Caviar Blue; E: to the 1TB Caviar Black & F: to the 3rd 250GB Caviar Blue. So basically I want to Assign 4 different Partitions to 4 different Hard Drives.
So if any one knows how to do that, please do post!


It's very simple. Connct the 1st 250GB caviar blue on the 1st SATA cable on the motherboard. Connect the CD or DVD drive to SATA 5. Don't install any other drives and then install windows onto the drive which will automatically be designated as the C drive. Once you are done installing windows reboot and verify that it works. Check the drive assignments for the hard drive and the CD/DVD drive(should be assigned as drive E or F by default).

Then power down, install each drive and connect drive 2 to SATA 2, Drive 3 to SATA 3, and Drive 4 to SATA 4. Power the system on and let it boot into windows. Open the start menu and type in "part". Select "Create and format hard disk partitions". When the Disk management window pops up spend a few moments to study the available drives. Select each drive that is NOT partitioned and create a partition on it and then format it. The first one you format will be assigned D, the next E and so on. You can also reassign the drive letters of any connected drive using the disk manager. Just DON'T mess with the system or boot partitions.