Info How to become a Titan (what are Trophy Points)

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This question was asked in a Profile post but its really likely a question some have wondered.

Simple answer is you need 70 000 Trophy Points

That leads to other questions...

What Are Trophy Points?
Trophy points are the final form, every Trophy earned adds to your total.
Every Trophy awards Trophy Points. The points awarded depends on the lvl of the Trophy you earned,
The higher the level, the more points you get for earning it

How Do I earn Trophy Points?
By answering questions and winning Best Answers (Solving questions) - you ean them by participating and helping people with their problems.
Some trophies based on your Input - Discourse
Some trophies based on your Answers being marked as right - Best Answers
And some are based on what area that Best Answer was in, so you can get 2 rewards for same Best Answer - CPU Trophy , for example.

There are many more types of Trophies - see here

So getting Best Answers and helping others is best way to go far

How do I see what my score is now?
2 ways, trophy points show under your name in posts as the 3rd totals down
1st row is your message total
2nd row is total number of Likes earned
3rd row is Trophy points
4th row is Best Answers

2nd way to see Trophy point total is on your profile screen, it shows as last total at top under Points

Long Answer - it takes time to get to 70k but its not out of reach, there are other levels of titles along the way to discover, as well :)
There are way over 70k points just in 1st two areas, combined its about 125k, so it is certainly possible.
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It's not tooo late for a necro lol. Just admiring Dark Lord's personal title, i did translate it 😁. So, eventually, in a million years, there's a possibility we could all join the dark side? Or is there only a limit of two haha.
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